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Banana Wind Maui


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All our tiki designs are based loosely on actual ancient Hawaiian tikis found at the Bishop Museum on Oahu, and my kid’s own spin on each theme.  Each one is made with aloha, just for Banana Wind, you won’t find these anywhere but here.  The family we work with lives all together in one compound, and everyone there is part of the production- grandpa’s, grandma’s, children, and even the family pets!  We love visiting them as they are located high in the mountains of Bali, far away from tourist crowds and the modern world.  The mugs can be used to hold your favorite beverages, your pencils and pens, kitchen gadgets, or even as really fun vases for your favorite botanicals.  We hope you enjoy these as much as our family enjoyed having them made.

Measures 4” H x 2” Diameter    

From Top, Left to Right

Passion, Love (Aloha)

Passion burns brightly in this tiki, and can spark up a few flames of your own.  Perfect for honeymooners, or anyone in love…  Aloha is more than a word of greeting or farewell or salutation.  Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person.  It means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable.

Happiness (Kanaloa)

Kanaloa is the ancient tiki god of the sea.  He is the god of the oceans, abundance and Happiness.  Kanaloa is one of the four great gods of Hawaiian mythology, along with Kane, Ku, and Lono. He is the local form of a Polynesian deity generally connected with the sea.

Prosperity  (Kanaloa Kane)

This Tiki totem has 2 Hawaiian gods. Kanaloa, god of the oceans, abundance and happiness, is paired with Kane, god of Prosperity, Light and Life.  Kane also had the power to heal.  Together, they form a tiki that marries abundance and prosperity into Happiness. 

Luck  (Lono Ku-ka-ili-moku)

Ku-ka-ili-moku is one of the many forms of the powerful and protective god Ku.  Ku became the favorite deity of Kamehameha I who was the supreme ruler of Hawai`i in the early 1800s. Kamehameha gave this god credit for his luck in success with uniting the islands of Hawai'i into one Kingdom.  Coupled with Lono, God of Peace, this Tiki totem has a double meaning; peaceful prosperity, which can be distinguished by the set of eyes going upward and downward.

Peace (Lono)

In Hawaiian mythology, Lono is the God of Peace.  He is also the God of fertility and music.  Lono  was one of the four gods (with Ku, Kane, and his twin brother Kanaloa) who existed before the world was created.