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Banana Wind Maui

Putu's Bamboo Straws

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My son Zeb, my daughter Marley, and I were having a cool drink after a day of visiting our families in Bali. Sipping through 100% renewable, biodegradable and recyclable real bamboo straws made us feel so much better than sipping through non-recyclable plastic straws. We know that bamboo is as hard, strong, and versatile as any hardwood, and it is the fastest growing plant on Earth- and it's naturally antibacterial. Easy to care for as well- just rinse and air dry. So we asked the restaurant where we could get some for Banana Wind.  Putu, a young high school student from a small village nearby started producing them as his first business to help him continue his education.  He uses bamboo stalks found on his family land. We were so happy to place our first order with him, and are anxious to see how we can continue helping his enterprising entrepreneur. 

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