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Banana Wind Maui


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The great fish-hook of Māui is called Manaiakalani, Māui is said to have created Hawaii's islands by tricking his brothers. He convinced them to take him out fishing, but caught his hook on the ocean floor. He told his brothers that he had caught a big fish and told them to paddle as hard as they could. His brothers paddled with all their might, and being intent with their effort, did not notice the island rising behind them. Māui repeated this trick several times, creating the Hawaiian Islands.  Māui's next feat with his hook was to stop the sun from moving so fast. His mother Hina complains that her kapa (bark cloth) is unable to dry because the days are so short. Māui climbs to the mountain Hale-a-ka-lā (house of the sun) and lassoes the sun’s rays as the sun comes up, using a rope made from his sister's hair. The sun pleads for life and agrees that the days shall be long in summer and short in winter. The deep connection and reverence the Hawaiians have for the ocean created the meaning behind the Hawaiian fish hook. It represents strength, prosperity, abundance, and a great respect for the sea. These incredible Maui Hooks are made out of Suar wood, or Monkeypod, and made for Banana Wind exclusively. The shell inlay is made with Mother of Pearl. Please note, since these are all hand-made with natural materials, the carving and the color of the wood, will differ with each piece.  If you need to see the exact one we will ship to you, please call us to place your order directly at 808-661-1600 so we can take some photos and you can choose from there!  

Measures approximately   12” Length, colors and carving will vary