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Banana Wind Maui

Hawaiian Rainbow Cana Flecha Bracelet

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My son Zeb, and my daughter Marley, travelled to Colombia in January, 2022. Caña Flecha is a sugar cane like plant that can only be found along the coastal regions of Colombia, South America. The Zenues are inhabitants of the valleys of the rivers San Jorge and Sinu in the department of Cordoba. The Zenue Tribe cultivates the thin stalk-like leaves using processes and techniques that date back to the 1500s and weaves them into various geometric patterns creating these unique bracelets. Of the approximate 22,000 Zenues it is estimated that as many as 605 earn an income from craft production. 60 women of 2 different groups weave the bracelets. The dyes are derived from all natural materials like clay, roots and leaves. The colors were chosen to be mixed and matched and include all the colors of a Hawaiian Rainbow! We encourage buying them in sets of 3 to maximize your rainbow! 

Measures 2 3/4" diameter