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Banana Wind Maui


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Our exclusive Honu (Sea Turtle) Family! 

Honu (Sea Turtle)  Found in ancient petroglyphs throughout Hawaii, the green sea turtle or honu is revered by the Hawaiian people. Honu symbolize the navigator because they migrate up to 800 miles to mate and nest. In myths, honu brings good luck, protects you from danger, and is a sacred symbol of the life force and longevity.  This honu is a great way to surround your home with these guardian spirits. Our turtles are made exclusively for us by our dear friend, Mr. Tony, whose family has been producing ceramics out of Ravello Italy for generations. Today, his studios are located in Java. We included handy little holes on the back of each for easy hanging!  Because each turtle is hand glazed, finishes and colors will vary.

Size Options:

Medium  9.5"L x 7.5"W

Large 14" L x 10.5" W  (not available via website-special shipping rates apply- please call for details)