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Banana Wind Maui


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Aloha Rock Soap!  These soaps are all double milled which means they will last you for months with no yucky gooey melty messes!  They foam like shaving cream when rubbed in a warm wet washcloth or poofy sponge, and once activated in water, they will release their scents that will envelope your bathroom and home!  Every single one is stamped with our Hawaiian-word-to-live-by, “Aloha”.  A perfect gift for someone and even for yourself!

  • 100% Natural Cold Process
  • Made in Small batches
  • Pure Vegetable soap

Ingredients: Saponified extra virgin coconut and palm oil, purified water, naturally retained vegetable glycerin, essential oils and or/fragrance.

15 Fragrances

  • Island Guava - LIGHT PINK - Deliciously tangy, beautifully refreshing, slightly sweet and playful, the guava evokes those tropical feelings in all of us. Makes you want to be a guava!
  • Hawaiian Mango - SOFT ORANGE - The succulent aroma of exotic mango transports you to the islands. Luscious, juicy and blushed from the Hawaiian sun, mangos taste best when you enjoy them naked. 
  • Plumeria- PINK - The cool petals of the slightly damp soft plumeria lei embraces your neck as you breathe in the scent of the flowers, enveloping you with all the aloha Hawaii has to offer. Our version is the true Hawaiian Plumeria- which is slightly different from all other plumeria.
  • Maui Beach - ROYAL BLUE- There is a blend of scents carried on the breeze that are unique to Maui as you walk along a soft sand beach at sunset as the waves break. Maui Beach evokes an easy sense of relaxation mixed with just a bit of the exotic. When was the last time you strolled along the beach, gathering exotic seashells and bits of coral? Or sipped a pina colada while palm fronds and banana leaves rustled in the breeze? Transport yourself back to Maui and rejuvenate your mind and senses.
  • Aloha Breeze- TAN- Close your eyes and let that aloha breeze take you back to a sun-drenched hammock on a private lanai in Hawaii. Palm trees sway as you pick up the scent of the green leaves overhead, along with refreshing lemongrass, bergamot and lemon.  The crispy cleanness of the sea reminds you of fresh linens and as you look out over the soft sand, you drift away in a bed of warm musk and vanilla.
  • Sweet Coconut- BROWN - Ahhhh!! What smells more like the tropics than coconut?  A true Hawaiian staple, our sweet coconut is the scent of freshly picked coconut, fresh, crisp and green with a hint of sweetness- never overpowering and always ready to transport you to the beach.  Delightful and almost edible.
  • Island Lemongrass VIVID GREEN -Clean smelling and intensely lemony, lemongrass is stimulating and invigorating. Ginger revitalizes your body and clears your mind.  This perfect combination of naturally uplifting elements refreshes and stimulates your mind, body and spirit. 
  • Black Lava- LAVA BLACK -Black sand beaches in Hawai'i are formed by the pounding of the waves on the hardened black lava. To find black sand beaches you must follow the path of Pele, the Fire Goddess. This invigorating scent includes peppermint, spearmint and coconut.
  • Bamboo Forest- DARK GREEN -Awaken to the distant sound of slack key guitar as a damp tropical breeze glides across your face and the smell of the sacred fresh bamboo forest mixes scents of the towering earthy wood tones of the Upcountry Rainbow Eucalyptus trees of Maui. Lose yourself.
  • Hawaiian Beach- SAND- The gentle surf licks your toes as you wriggle them deeper in the soft white sand. The sun kisses your shoulders and the warm trade winds caress your body as you breathe in the seductive scents of plumeria and pikake dancing across the sea. 
  • Pikake- DOVE GREY -A delicate pure white pikake flower releases its wistful perfume evoking images of romantic getaways, glorious tropical sunsets and dancing tin the dark. We call this beautiful flower Pikake in Hawaiian, but it’s also known as night blooming jasmine
  • Hawaiian Sea Salt - White- Native Hawaiians hold salt to be sacred- using it as food, for religious cleansing and healing practices. They called their coarse salt pa’akai. The scent will transport you to standing on your favorite Maui Beach, watching the sunset, as the waves crash upon the sand, and the sea breeze twists through your hair, and the complex aroma of flowers, salt, water, and sand tickles your nose.  It caresses your soul. 
  • Tuberose - VIOLET -Sometimes referred to as “the scent of the night”, tuberose signifies both dangerous pleasure and voluptuousness. The scent of the flower is a fusion of white flowers and warm skin, an arresting sensual fragrance making this flower the most popular in making the leis of Hawaii.   
  • Upcountry Lavender- LAVENDER - It’s a spectacular journey up Haleakala volcano to “Upcountry” Maui. Here, unexpected fields of lavender stretch out before you as the magical fog swirls throughout the fields of blue. Fresh and clean, lavender is well known for its calming and anti-anxiety properties.
  • Banana Wind-TURQUOISE- The Banana Wind drifts across the blue Hawaiian waters, then it glides across your face, filling the room with the smell of fresh fruit as it whispers, “Aloha!”. Our signature scent is a blend of sage and chamomile – refreshing and clean.