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When you visit our store on Maui, you will find pictures of me and my kids throughout the store during our travels.  It’s like my own living, personal scrapbook!  Our store has been open since 2004 and some pictures I just can’t seem to take down.  We have clients that visit regularly and have loved watching my kids grow up.  I truly believe one of the most precious gifts I have given to my kids is the expansion of their world through travel.  (I hit the road when Marley was just 4 and Zeb, 7 years old).  I encourage anyone to grab your babies (despite what you may think, it’s actually easier when they’re younger…) and get out there!! It makes our future generation more global thinking people, not to mention how much fun YOU will have watching them absorb different cultures.  So our website couldn’t be complete without some of my most favorite travel moments!  Enjoy my collection, and forgive the pictures of the kids when they were small….. they were just so cute!!! Having children is possibly one of the best gifts in the entire world. I don’t know where I would be without them, and to be able to share this world with them.  Enjoy!