Hawaiian Raindrops

These Hawaiian Raindrops are so much fun! You just need to touch them once to want them! Not only are they therapeutic and stress relieving, but they are a fun centerpiece and conversation starter for your next gathering. Hawaiian raindrops are also a new and easy way to make floral arrangements exciting and beautiful. They will absorb the water and the nutrients that plants or cut flowers need to grow.
Pour one package into a bowl or open container filled with approximately 3 cups of distilled water and let soak for 4-6 hours. Drain off excess water, lightly rinse and place in vase or pot. The beads expand to the size of small marbles after several hours. If you need to store them, simply expose them to air and they’ll return to tiny dry beads. They can be rehydrated up to five times, but will last a year if you keep them hydrated.
They are non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable. Simple warnings: Please use caution if you want kids to handle them, as they can pose choking, and they will be tempted to eat them if they are too young. Do not flush or pour down drains. Keep cool or at room temperature- do not heat or freeze.

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