Master craftsman and designer Seiki Torige is a Japanese glass master whose works can be seen in public buildings in Japan as well as the USA and has been sought after by collectors from all over the world. Seiki is known for the sheer size of his works – one exceeding 1 ton in one piece and they are often up to 131 feet in length. The scope of his work is amazing from cast Buddha heads to laminated discs and giant whale tails. Glass walls, window decorations as well as glass objects have been commissioned by restaurants, hotel lobbies, schools and temples in Japan and has been exported to all corners of the world for both private and commercial use.
Seiki uses recycled soda glass for the production of all his pieces. The techniques at the studio include lamination, hand blowing, chiseling, casting and slumping, to name a few. His trade mark colors of watery green and cobalt blue glass are displayed in sculptures, vases, large glass bowls, lamps and tableware. He has graciously created two series of glassware for Banana Wind. The Sea Glass series is sandblasted and reminiscent of tumbled sea glass, and the Sea Swirl series is reminiscent of the toiled waters of the Hawaiian waves as they break on the jet black lava rocks on shore.

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