Bath and Body

I’ll never forget the first trip I took to Bali with my kids. The pure exotic-ness of it all; the scents, the food, the culture, the heat, the vistas! We quickly learned that massage and taking special care of one’s body is highly popular, and the island is riddled with spas. The prices of treatments were so vastly different than what we knew Maui charges (in Bali, you could get a full hour massage with flower petal bath for under $10 in some places!), that we indulged every day. My daughter’s favorite was the chocolate scrub and milk bath- and my son loves a spice massage- the aromas are heavenly! After that first trip Marley would walk around the store (remember she was only 5 years old) and moan loudly “Mommy! I need a massage!”, which made everyone look at me like I indulged her daily on Maui with the typical high priced massages. Well, the habit sure stuck and every time we go back to Bali, we hit those spas again. The following collection is some of the products we absolutely need to tie us over until our next trip….hope you enjoy them as much as we do!