hammer-1868956__340Several years ago, the Lahaina Cannery Mall went through a series of owners.  With each owner, the plans for the mall kept shifting, causing many tenants to leave.  We support families from all over the world, and could not risk not having a second location to protect them.  So we opened our Paia store location last year just in case we had to leave Lahaina, and started communicating with our loyal clients on the potential move.  We are happy to announce that the newest owners of the Lahaina Cannery Mall have invested into a multi million dollar renovation beginning with an enormous expansion of Safeway, that will double its current size.  All tenants on the north side of the mall have moved to our wing while this renovation takes place.  They have already begun!  It will take a year or two to complete, and then the plans are to work the local community and existing tenants to facelift this side of mall.  The existing tenants, meanwhile, are remodeling as well (including Starbucks!), and we are too!  Now that our beloved Lahaina store is safe and our families are protected, we are closing our Paia location in order to fully concentrate on our Lahaina location! We are excited to incorporate our Paia store fixtures and give our Lahaina store a lift after 13 years of being in business!  Thank you for your loyalty- I love getting clients in year after year watching my kids grown up and going through this wonderful change in our store and in our lives!

Banana Wind